Free Events / Programs

Free Events/Programs :

We are like minded people and we believe in Serving back to the society, as part of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Universal Social Responsibility (USR), at Individual & various capacities. As part of various initiatives, we are organising, academic and non-academic, cultural, spiritual, community events/programs to bring awareness and also on various concerns/problems/issues/causes/challenges for exploring various feasible solutions, conduct research, to make our world and our planet a better place to live in harmony and peace and promote for scientific advancement , research & development, publications, skill development and sustainable Development in all areas/domains.

Commemorations & Celebrations of :

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2015-2030, Awareness & Campaigns

United Nations (UN), UN Systems, UN Member Organizations Commemorations

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) Celebrations, INDIA@75, Nation Celebrating 75 Years of Independence.

INDIA's G20 PRESIDENCY Commemorations & Celebrations

International , Regional, National, Local, Celebrations, Festivals, Commemorations, etc

Dignity & Respect : 

At all times we take care utmost care and concern to conduct ourselves and all the proceedings on the platform/ programs/ series/ events with dignity & respect and expect the same to reciprocate from all the Presenters/ Speakers/ Panelists/ Resource Persons/ Participants.

Equity & Equality :

To promote equality and equity, we offer equal opportunity for all the eligible stakeholders like Academicians, Professionals, Practitioners of various disciplines/subjects/faculties for the opportunity of presentations/participation/publications/collaborations, and also  for all the eligible general public who are following instructions and guidelines as specified.

Accessibility & Affordability :

To make it accessible, affordable to all, All the Events/Programs organized on a daily basis are completely free for Collaborations/ Presentations/ Participation / Publications to avoid any economic or financial burden on the presenters/participants so that they can participate and exchange knowledge and information .

Donations & Sponsorships :

No Donations or or No Fund Raising or No Sponsorships are accepted for any of the events/programs.

Gratitude & Appreciation / E-Certificates :

As a token of gratitude and appreciation , we are providing for all eligible stakeholders, e-certificates as applicable, for those who complete all the formalities in time as mentioned on the registration form/website, subject o fulfillment of eligibility criteria.

Presentation Certificates for Presenters/Speakers/Panelists/Resources

Participation Certificates for Participants

Appreciation Certificates/Best Participant Awards for Pro-active Participants/Volunteers

Quality & Quantity :

We take utmost care and concern while selecting themes/topics/speakers/presenters/panelists/presenters who can do justice to the topics/themes/series/platform, who are qualified, competent and experienced as per the details/credentials/recommendations/referrals by stakeholders and opportunities in as many programs or events to accommodate various themes and topics adequately over the period of time.

Collaborations :

We invite the like minded stakeholders and the like minded institutions, organisations, individuals willing to promote and contribute to the above themes and cause, in the form of mobilization of presentations/participation and knowledge dissemination.